Desktop Applications
As well as many web products, we can create various desktop applications for your business. These include Automation of Paper-Based Systems, Integration of Remote Website & Server, Batching & Data Synchronization, Task & Scheduling Applications, Contact Management & Synchronization, Content Management, Personal Database, Supply Chain Management Software, Sales & Marketing and other Custom Applications. Our desktop applications offer the ability to be seamlessly integrated with our or your existing web products.
Content Management
Management of content either on your computer or on your website using a desktop application. Useful for managing larger files such as video, images or content that requires more local processing power to generate information. Eg: 100s of videos or files that need to be converted into a particular format.
Supply Chain Management Software
Our team have designed software for our clients that is used for Supply Chain Planning system designed for Windows® operating systems. These features integrated Sales Forecasting, Distribution Requirements Planning, Material Requirements Planning and Master Production Scheduling modules. Targeted towards small-to-mid sized manufacturers, distributors and retailers in all industries worldwide.
Sales & Marketing
Create sales, marketing software that is integrated with your website and server. Desktop versions of software will allow you to easily find and integrate information with desktop and legacy systems.
Custom Applications
Very often your business will require a customized application to be developed that is very specific to your business model. Our team has to knowledge and expertise to create custom applications that integrate with either your website, legacy systems and current system to produce targeted information that is ideal for your business.
Automation of Paper-Based Systems
Reduce the time spent on traditional paper based business processes. Gateserver allows you to create a customized application targeted for your specific business needs that will automate your current manual document processing.
Integration of Remote Website & Server
Once your website is created you may find a need to integrate your local business workflow process with information that is currently on your company website. Allow us to create and customize website applications that will communicate with your website and webserver.
Batching & Data Synchronization
Managing data across various environments can often prove to be difficult. This is especially true if there is a need to integrate legacy systems with more modern systems. At Gateserver we can integrate various systems across varying systems and active data synchronization.
Task & Scheduling Applications
Timed and event based applications allow your organization to manage and process information at specific times or when certain events are triggered.
Contact Management & Synchronization
Create desktop CRM software that is integrated with your website and server. Desktop versions of software will allow you to easily find and integrate information with desktop and legacy systems.
Personal Database
Whether you are a small business or an individual. We can create a customized application for your personal or business needs. Customized applications are ideal if you wish to maintain and manage data on a small level. This can include a music collection, document management and more.
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