Maintenance & Support Services
Let Gateserver become an extension of your team. Whether it's managing software applications, hosted machines or remotely hosted machines and software, we can provide multiple levels of maintenance and support for our clients.

These key levels are broken down into the following areas: Support, Maintenance & Content Management.


We offer many support services such as phone support, email support, software & hardware, on-site support, off-site support, support forum / FAQ, client center & others

Phone Support
At any time you can reach a team member regarding your account, software and services.

Email Support
If you do not have access to a local telephone system, our support staff can respond to your requests, through email, anywhere around on the world.

Software & Hardware
Utilizing either software or hardware, we can perform monitor the stability of performance of specific applications and servers within our network. This allows us to constantly make sure equipment or application is always in a ready and functioning state for the next task.

On Site
If you are located within our service area, a team member can come to your location to service your application and make sure that your business requirements are being met. We can also meet with you to consult and answer any questions you may have regarding integration or tuning of the business process.

Off Site
Through the use of remote desktop and other remote tools we can connect to your platform to make adjustments, upgrades or perform routine maintenance to your environment.

Support Forum / FAQ
Through our support forums and FAQs, we offer answers to pre-existing questions that are either frequently asked or that have been solved by other members of our communities.

Client Center (currently under development)
Our client center will become a central point for all our clients and team members to organize tasks and requests for each project. This will allow us to easily track all levels of support across disperse technologies in one area, therefore insuring you are receiving value for the services acquired. When implemented, clients will be able to access their accounts, track ticket requests, tasks or projects pending.

Performing scheduled check-ups to make sure our software, hardware, and applications are up to date with the latest technologies to ensure an uninterrupted workflow process.

Gateserver provides two options for maintenance.

1) Standard Maintenance Plan

Standard Maintenance is automatic for any client. We maintain and offer support for design templates, programming and software that we develop for your business.

2) Extended Maintenance Plan

Extended maintenance plan is where you have a maintenance agreement with us to maintain your website's software to add minor updates, and change programming items from time.

Minor updates are:

a) Minor Changes to graphics used in a website's template
b) Changing the color, font, background colors on the website
c) Adjusting the logo of your company
d) Backing up your website and software
e) Performing security updates as needed
f) Monitoring the health of your website ad users and load increases
Content Management is a service for your website that you may need if you don't have the time or the capacity to manage all of your websites components in-house. This service would include various options of our team managing current content, uploading new and maintaining various parts of your dynamic website.
Maintenance & Support
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