Why Gateserver
Gateserver is unique in the services we provide to our clients. What separates us from the others in the marketplace is not
just the services that we offer, but the fact of how creatively integrated they are. Having these services under one entity not only
saves you time but also money.
Web Design
Our goal for website design is to create a professional-looking, user-friendly, sales-driven sites that effectively communicate your valuable position, while making it easy for your audience to learn about you and purchase your products or services. Through effective design, programming and marketing we create sites with consistent messages, as well as individual personality that display your organization's strengths, capabilities and goals.
Print & Media Creative
The web and the internet have revolutionized the world today. Yet there is still a need for traditional print and media services. To compliment our extensive web development knowledge our team also has complete experience in print advertising, pre-press and production of all print media.
Our unique hosting services allow us to leverage the true potential of our scalable network and the internet to provide websites that are appealing and engaging; interactive and cutting edge. We do this by thinking of your website first. The server selected for your website is based on our analysis of the nature of your business.You are not placed on machines with 100s of other sites where resources become a limited and expensive commodity. This is why we have an edge over so many other hosting providers. Our bandwidth isn't capped, we expand as you expand. Our disk space is not limited to a certain amount of megabytes or gigabytes. You are not limited to a certain amount of email accounts... We simply expand as your true needs expand. So whether you need a customized application on one of our dedicated servers or basic hosting we have the capability and flexibility to grow as your needs grow.
Our team uses the latest in application development to offer you the latest advances in technology to enhance the usability and the functionality of your website.
Website Applications
Desktop Applications
• Server Applications
Software Packages
Marketing your new products and services can be challenging especially on the web. Our team provides unique tool sets to promote your organization on and off the web. These include but are not limited to:

• Promotional Banners
Promotional Pages
HTML Mailers
Search Engine Optimization & Keywords
Product / Service Showcase Applications
Websites Within
Sales-Driven Websites
Directory Listings
Social Community Marketing Opportunities
Proper advertising and marketing is essential to getting your products and services attention in today’s marketplace. The internet has brought the opportunity to more easily market your products and services to a much larger and global audience. Unfortunately this boom in advertising and marketing has certain pitfalls. One of which is that most individuals and companies can end up promoting products or services to incorrectly targeted audiences. With incorrectly targeted audience or hit-or-miss type advertising, your business could see a significant reduction in revenue, since you could be throwing away thousands of dollars to promote your business to the wrong consumers.

The need to resolve this hap-hazard method of advertising and marketing has led us to develop an effective solution - to create completely targeted Social Business Networks (SBN), which are defined either by demographic, industry or interest. This is the ideal way to ensure that your advertising dollar is being spent on your desired target audience.
Socal Business Networks
Social Business Networks are targeted and customizable environments built on our proprietary social networking technology that allows for businesses, as well as individuals, to take advantage of social communities, marketing and advertising opportunities that focus on targeted interests, industries and marketplaces.

The goal behind SBN is to highlight specific markets and create a network by building a targeted community that offers products and services that are of interest and relevance to its content and its users.
Another unique nature of our services is our affordability. Whether it is a one-page template or a hundred-page customized site with server applications integrated into the website we strive to remain on target with features and the services we offer. We are determined to meet each budget's constraints while offering valuable tool sets because we know each client is seeking true value.

Value = Benefits / Price

Using this proven formula we are confident that the Benefit in quality and service we provide always outshines the Price in cost and time it takes. This allows us to always give our customers the return they require on their investments.
Our Record
Not only do we create visually stunning designs and top-notch web based solutions we also have some real-world numbers to backup our work. We have created sites from concept stage, to generate millions of hits a day in visitors over a period of 6-18 months. With successful websites generating traffic exceeding 1.2million hits a day and requiring bandwidth in excess of 6,000 GB monthly. We know that our team has the skills necessary to take any challenge you may come across and convert it into an effective solution.
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