Our Team
We employ a great group of people who truly love what they do and are professionals in their fields.
Their skills are reflected in the work that we showcase.

Our team of managers, designers, and developers is ready to bring your vision to life. Utilizing our core fundamentals and beliefs as a foundation, we employ ideal team members that have clearly defined, reputable development processes and emphasize quality. We have taken the steps necessary to make sure that each team member has direction and dedication in the day-to-day process, with your business and its long-term growth in mind.

Our team has vast experience in a wide range of industries which will be a valuable asset in meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations

Key Industries:
Pharmaceutical, Electronics and Computers, Entertainment, Chemicals, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Real-Estate, Education, Medical and Health, Clothing and Retail, Alarms and Security, Advertising and Marketing, Tech Support, Government and Financial, Business to Business (B2B)
An enterprise built on solid foundation is essential to the integrity and stability of your business. For over a decade our founders have built a solid business with strong assets improving and refining over time as technology and the world changes.

We believe in the fact the we are all connected by our desire to succeed, which is why we strive to bring the best resources available to create an impact that is memorable and meaningful through the creative collaboration of our team.
With years of web development and internet marketing experience, our team has an array of key skills and knowledge in the areas of search engine marketing, network marketing, upcoming community marketing technologies, online and offline advertising, internet marketing and internet business development.

Key Advertising Opportunities:
pay-per-click (ppc), pre-roll video, banner ads, post roll videos, overlay videos

Design & Marketing Opportunities:
Point-Of-Purchase (POP) Displays, sales and trade show material, business cards, logos, corporate identity, brochures, direct mail, flyers, catalogs, in-store merchandising, posters, package design, interactive presentation, tutorials, and much more.
Our business development team is a key resource that connects your business potential and utilizes our expertise skill set. This way we ensure that accurate path and methods are utilized to ensure stable use of technology for your business growth.

Our team has expertise to grow websites from conceptual stage to 47 million hits per month and 30 million hits per month.. With growth from a few kilobytes to 6,000 gb of bandwidth per month.

Key Areas:
Building strong relationships, identifying areas of growth, analyzing marketplaces and market forces.
Utilizing multiple technologies to get the task completed efficiently and effectively, our team has experience with digital production, graphic manipulation and various multimedia environments. Server and Desktop application experience with languages such as c/c++, java, vb.net, c#, visual basic, delphi, pascal, php, asp.net, actionscript and others.

Familiar Technologies:
flex, ajax, xml, xhtml, html, flash, css, javascript,
Our design and creative team is one of key elements in showcasing your business in a professional manner. Starting from either basic to complex web applications, our team will creatively determine the best solution for the challenge, ensuring rapid awareness, usability and excitement. With cross platform experience primarily from linux/unix, pc or mac perspectives in mind, our design team prides itself in strategic and functional layouts to maximize the results.

Familiar Applications & Technologies:
Expertise in CSS, Javascript, Dreamweaver, TML / XHTML / DHTML, VBScript, XML, Flash, Macromedia Studio, Search Engine Techniques, Coldfusion, JavaScript / Java, QuarkXpress, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe ImageReady, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, PowerPoint, MS Word, Excel, FlightCheck, Extensis Suitcase and many others.
Trained and experienced web-based programming development and design is key to implementing the complex behind-the-scenes process required to develop websites that operate on a solid foundation. This means your website will operate faster; will be easier to update and will provide the richness your users expect. Our team has the experience of developing over 50 websites from large to small companies and varying in complexities.

Familiar Languages & Technologies:
asp.net, vb.net, asp, jsp, php, mysql, perl,c++, C, pascal, delphi (pascal), Java, mssql, oracle db, and Javascript
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