Its not just enough to create a functional shopping cart to successfully sell your products and services. Its essential for the site to have a strategic marketing plan integrated and implemented in the websites design and implementation. There are necessary steps that we take to ensure you are successful in in creating a sales-driven website that will help you promote and sell your products and services.
Set a goal
We recommend creating a website plan, with specifically stated goals. Having certain stats to reach, such as a number of hits, unique hits, business leads and a number of sales is very helpful even if that goal is not reached at first.

Identify your Target Audience
You need to know who your websites visitors are in order to tailor your websites style, content and call-to-action accordingly. The only way you will be successful is if you are correctly targeting your consumer.

Create Sales-Driven Copy
Once you have identified your target audience, you can now clearly communicate with them. Clear and concise verbiage is a must and using bullet points and small blocks of text is recommended, so your readers will stay with the text. The content of the copy should only state what you can do for your customer. It has to explain how purchasing this product will benefit the consumers quality of life.

Include Calls to Action
Its great to have good information and products, but its essential to direct the consumers to purchase the product. Therefore, such items as "buy now", "learn more" and "contact us" should appear in as many locations on the page as possible, specifically in all product listing and details pages.

Easy Navigation & Design
Navigation is a very important aspect of a sales-driven Website. Your consumers shouldn't have to search for where to find your products and services. Clear and strategic design is mandatory to create navigation that will seamlessly lead the consumer through your site, directly to make a purchase or contact you. As for design, we recommend to do something very straightforward and practical from the usability perspective, but unique in style and features to stand out among others retailers.

Its great to create a functional navigation and creative design, but it's another story to to create too many flash and graphical elements to distract your consumers from making that purchase. Stay away from too many links and useless information. When creating sales-driven websites, the products should be the focus.

Dynamic Imagery & Video
Good use of imagery is a very important factor in effectively selling your product. We use a large amount of sharp, attractive images and video to enhance the products listing and details pages. Most consumers are very visual and their first impression of the products and services is the image that they are seeing.

Offer your Customers More
People buy products from the websites they trust. Its very important to have tools and resources related to the products or services you are selling that you are offering for free.

Always Update Your Content
Its not just enough to create a good sales-driven website. Updating your content such as product base, specials, news, events & marketing is essential for your site to sustain traffic and grow your customer base. We have all the tools necessary to assist you with this important part of the process.
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