HTML Emailed Pages (EPages) are one the most important ways to communicate with customers on the internet. EPages build relationships with your users, and provide added social benefits that they can share with others. Using our simplified and easy to use wizard allows you to send targeted and relevant EPages to your users, clients or partners at a schedule time you select.

Gateserver's EPages feature is unique in that it is integrated into your website. Your content manager and EPage work together seamlessly. Our unique tools also allow your email contact information to be uploaded in different formats such as Excel, Comma separated Text files, ODBC and others.

One key benefit to Gateserver's EPages is that when you create your EPage it may also become content that is automatically integrated into your existing website template. So when you send out your EPage the layout is carried over into your website and shows up under any section of your website complete with details (images, video, audio, animation, down-loads and more). This has an added benefit to visitors that may have never receive the emailed version of your EPage in that they can visit your website and see past EPages that were sent.

Features Include:

• Easy to use wizard Interface
• Scheduled Sending
• Preview and Test Emailing
• Email Reporting
• Multiple Customizable templates
• Multiple Email Formats
• Archiving
• Auto Subscription & Unsubscription
• Import and Export Subscribers (Excel, Comma Separated, ODBC)
• Integrated into your Website and Administrator

Some of the uses of EPages include:

• Product Catalogs
• Product Hot Sheets
• Flyers
• Brochures
• Price Lists
• Specification Sheets
• Line Cards
• Newsletters
• Reports
• Postcards or Greeting cards
• Menus
• Promotional Ads
• Calendars
• Presentation Folders
• Tickets
• Coupons
• Label Templates
• Books and Booklets
• Tutorials, Articles & more
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