Take your promotion to another level and use the marketing opportunities offered through the Gateserver social-business network. These are targeted communities catered to specific demographic markets and industries.

• Targeted Marketing
• Built-in traffic
• Business oriented tools & services

Social Business Network (SBN) is a scalable, customizable and modular application built on our core development engine that allows for businesses as well as individuals to take advantage of social communities, marketing, and advertising to focus on targeted industries and marketplaces. The goal behind SBN is to highlight specific markets and create a network by specifically building a community, offering products and services targeted to the community.
Marketing services available within each Social Business Network are:
• Create your social and business profile
• Post your product or business blog
• Offer support, feedback and faqs through the use of the forums
• Upload photos and photo galleries
•, Upload videos and video playlists
• Post or link mews about your products and services
• Post your business-related events
• Music, podcasts, radio, downloads and audio playlists for promotional purposes
• Post ads in the classifieds section regarding products and services for sale
• Auction jobs, products or services up for bid
• Create shopping cart equipt online store to sell your products and services
• List your company in the business directory
Premium services available within each Social Business Network are:
• Purchase advertising on the SBN
• Create promotional pages
• Keyword placement within the search
• Create sub-sites with built-in traffic within the SBN
• Reporting tools
For more information regarding all of our products and services, please contact us by calling our toll free
number 1- 800-571-7065 or emailing us at info@gateserverdesign.com

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